Swimming The Bureaucracy

We Save You From Drowning In Paper Work!

A large part of putting in your new swimming pool is the paperwork. There are town permits and county permits. There are permits for the pool itself, electrical work, plumbing and construction work. Not to mention the preliminary applications alone. And getting the permits takes time, usually one to two weeks.

However, with GulfStream and our experience in the Outer Banks area, we know what permits and paperwork is needed for your pool. Our experience as a fully licensed contractor helps us eliminate any potential obstacles prior to submittal with the county and town authorities.

Save Time and Money With GulfStream

To apply for the permits requires a property survey. The average price for a new survey is $450. If you decide to use your old property survey on file with the county, you’ll need to pay someone with the county to find it, or spend hours pouring over dusty papers in a dark file room.

Thankfully, when you contract GulfStream to install your new pool, you don’t have to waste time trying to find an old survey. We’ll find it for you. Free!

And even if you do manage to file all the necessary paperwork, there’s a possibility it will not be approved. In that case you will need to redo all of the permits in greater detail, adding yet more time. And the reversal process is also time consuming, often taking several weeks.

Wouldn’t it be easier to let a professional handle it, and avoid any potential pit falls? You want your new pool now, not after two months of paperwork.

Let the pros at GulfStream help you.

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