Maintenance Tips For Your Outer Banks Pool

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Tips to Preserve and Extend The Life Of Your OBX Swimming Pool

A brand new swimming pool represents a financial investment in your property. Use these tips from the GulfStream professionals to keep it looking new and performing perfectly.

  • Keep your pool water level halfway up the skimmer box opening.
  • If your pool is losing more than a quarter inch of water a day, it’s possible you have a leak.
  • Any sort of muddy soil or puddles around your pool may indicate a leak
  • Before you take the cover off your pool, be sure to clean any debris from it.
  • Empty your skimmer basket frequently. This will reduce the number of leaves that make it to the bottom of your pool.
  • While cleaning the surface of your pool with a net, do the sides first and then the middle, working it to the sides.
  • Maintain your shrubbery and trees. This reduces the amount of leaf debris in the pool.
  • Surface water should move in a circular direction. Adjust inlets accordingly.
  • If the water is green or smells unpleasant, there is probably an issue with algae. Check chlorine levels and call the pros at GulfStream if the problem continues.
  • Check your pH levels twice a week. The pH level should be between 7.4 and 7.6.
  • Also clean the skimmer basket and skim the surface for leaves, bugs, or debris twice a week as well.
  • Once a week, brush the walls and use a pool vacuum.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep your new pool looking new. And if it seems like a lot of work, call us at 252-207-8440 to set up an appointment to service your outer banks pool.

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