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Here at GulfStream we know you want your pool to be at its best all the time. So we offer a range of services to make sure you can rest easy knowing your pool is in good hands. Whether your pool is part of a summer vacation rental or at your primary residence, we have what you need.

We can come in every week, or if you want to be involved in your pool’s care, we can come every other week.We are able to perform water testing, chemical balancing, and salt cell maintenance.

We also offer a comprehensive cleaning schedule including brushing and vacuuming the pool, surface skimming, cleaning backwash filters, and preventive maintenance for your equipment.

No one understands how a pool works like we do. We’ve installed over thousands of pieces of pool equipment over the years. We know what works best, how to install it accurately, and how to save you money.

Let us provide an expert quote to help you make the best decision when replacing your equipment. And aside from just pumps and filters, we can also help you with the perfect accents for your pool, such as decking, screening and lighting.

If your plaster is looking a little worn or perhaps it’s showing discoloration from improper chemical balance, a light acid bath might be just the trick. Dealing with toxic chemicals should be always be performed by a professional.

We can provide you a safe and affordable solution for your plaster concerns. We also provide tile cleaning services to keep your pool looking great.

So remember, if you have a pool on the Outer Banks, only trust the best to take care of it.

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