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AquaVac 500

Intelligent, state-of-the art robotic pool cleaner, AquaVac 500 ensures the most efficient cleaning pattern. Its programming capability allows the choice of specific scheduled cleaning cycles.

Renown for many years for its reliability and efficiency, TigerShark robotic pool cleaner, cleans the pool floor, walls and waterline. Available model with Quick Clean feature.

SharkVAC XL™
Easy to use and maintain, Shark VAC XL robotic pool cleaner, scrubs and vacuums pool floor, coves, walls and waterline for complete, thorough pool coverage.

Very affordable and easy to maintain, Shark VAC robotic pool cleaner, scrubs and vacuums pool floor and coves, wall-to-wall.

AquaNaut® 200, 400
Unstoppable suction power, new AquaNaut pool cleaners feature V-Flex technology providing maximum power at almost any flow along with effortless debris management.

Navigator Pro
Over 30 years of unmatched proven and reliable suction pool cleaner technology, Navigator Pro uses your pools existing filtration system and features exclusive SmartDrive® intelligent programmed steering for complete pool coverage.

Pool Vac XL
Pool Vac XL features exclusive AquaPilot® intelligent programmed steering and extra-large debris pickup capability for complete pool coverage. Over 30 years unmatched proven and reliable suction pool cleaner technology.

Pool Vac Classic
The affordable suction pool cleaner solution, Pool Vac Classic features AquaPilot® intelligent, programmed steering that offers a faster, more efficient cleaning pattern than any random style pool cleaner.

Hayward Blu
Hayward Blu is a smart, reliable choice suction pool cleaner, still featuring exclusive SmartDrive® technology that makes the Blu faster and more efficient than random-style pool cleaners.

The simplest and most affordable suction pool cleaner, DV 5000 devours debris using your filtration system to quietly and efficiently propel itself through the water cleaning up dirt, twigs and more.

  • Viking Pools Outer Banks
  • Liberty Composite Pools OBX
  • Blue Hawaiian Pools OBX